12 DIY Hacks to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

increase your blog's traffic

Blogging plays an important role in today’s World Wide Web. According to studies, companies that have blogs have 97% more inbound links, something that is good for SEO. Blogs have been used for different purposes by companies and individuals alike. But one common concern is the poor online traffic that you get from your site.

So how exactly do you solve this particular problem? How do you increase your blog’s traffic without spending money on online marketing professionals?

Here are some DIY hacks that can potentially increase your blog’s traffic.

1.      Know your audience

Who is your audience? Start asking who wants to read your content. Here, you’ll be able to determine potential readers and plan on your blog’s content strategy. Understand not only their needs, but also their interest and their personality. Knowing your audience by heart can give you an insight on what type of voice you should use, to the type of data that they want to see.

2.      Be a genuine member of the community where your audience is

Once you understand who your audience is, it is time to go where they go. Participating in groups where your audience is located is a great way to be known in the niche. Here, you can promote the blog posts directly to them. You can also participate in the discussion and be known as a reputable member of the industry.

3.      Create consistent content

Consistency is key to your blog’s success. Google’s algorithm loves websites that have published content consistently. You want to follow a schedule when it comes to publishing your content. Aside from improving your SEO, you are also developing a habit to your audience which is a good strategy in building your site’s reputation.

4.      Create viral content

Thanks to social media, it is easier to get more traffic to your content. In 2013, sites that have ranked number one on Google’s search results had an average share traffic of 33%. That means that one third of their traffic came from social media shares.

So how do you make a content go viral? First, you need to pick the right topic. If it is some breaking news, it is important to be the first one to publish the content. Next, you also have to learn how to write the headlines.

Stunning headlines instantly catch 80% of readers’ attention. And the reality is that only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the copy. Viral marketing experts trigger emotions in order to get people’s attention when it comes to writing a headline. Also, people love reading lists, and informative articles. These are things that you could use as potential headline.

5.      Use the right keywords

SEO plays a major role to a website’s traffic. Did you know that 8 out of 10 Google users are not even going to the second result page? Integrating the right keyword in your content makes a huge difference especially on your blog’s traffic.  Instead of using highly competitive keywords, it is a good idea that you turn to long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are now common thanks to mobile searches. Instead of typing “Italian restaurant San Francisco”, people make use of Siri to ask “What are the nearest Italian restaurants in San Francisco”. Aside from having less competition, there are more long tail keywords out there than short ones. In fact, 70% of all search terms are long tail keywords.

6.      Integrate video marketing

Content is not only limited in your blog. These days, visuals play a huge role in online content distribution. 93% of marketers are now using video marketing in their campaigns.

With high definition videos, bloggers can maximize their site’s traffic by integrating an effective video marketing strategy. How? First, you need a YouTube or a Vimeo channel. Here, you can place our site on the description of your video. In fact, you can even get the link of the particular blog post to further explain things that have been discussed on the video.

Next, you can now embed the videos on your blog post. Not only does this keep the post interesting for readers, it also helps in your site’s SEO ranking.

7.      Graphics

Aside from videos, you should also not forget about the graphics. How do graphics benefit content creators? Photos can be indexed by Google which could promote your site on image searches.

When using photos, you can be creative on what you photos that you choose. You can create your own such as infographics or even edit the stock photos you have found online. Infographics may contain valuable information that can even go viral on social media.

8.      Build your own network on social media

Despite the fact that Facebook page owners are struggling with organic reach, Facebook and Twitter are still relevant tools in bringing traffic to blogs. Creating your social network may not be an easy task, but it can be worth it. With proper planning and execution, you can increase your blog’s traffic for free.

From developing the right voice to sharing at the right time, these are some things that you need to do if you plan on building your social network on Facebook and on Twitter. Mixing your posts with inspirational memes to relevant stories to the industry will give your social media page the traction it needs.

9.      Invite guest bloggers

Getting the help of industry leaders to write for your blog can make a huge difference to your site’s traffic. Some sites simply invite guest bloggers, in exchange of their network. However, there are instances when you will have to pay the guest bloggers to write for your site, especially if they already have a decent number of followers.

10. Analytics

It is also important to learn a thing or two from the numbers that you get on a weekly or a monthly basis. For instance, from where did the visits originated? Here, you’ll find out if you have an effective social media campaign or if you have inbound links from reputable websites. Knowing your traffic and your sources will minimize your efforts in marketing the blog.

11. Start commenting on other people’s blogs

Are comments welcomed by other bloggers? Comments add value to a particular post. As long as your comment is aimed towards  having a discussion, it will certainly be approved by the blog owner.

So how exactly are you going to do this? First, you want to find a popular blog in your industry. From here, you can read the entire post and join the discussion through the comment section. Not only does it provide visibility to your blog, but it is also an effective link building practice.

12. Observe other successful blogs in your niche

You could learn a lot from successful blogs that already have consistently high traffic over the last years. Performing a quick link research for instance on these blogs could already give you an idea about their inbound links. Open Site Explorer by Moz offers this for free.

Also, try to see the topics that they’ve covered and their approach in publishing content. Do they do it every day with the help of guest bloggers?


A blog can be used for different purposes. It can be a used as a form of passive income or a tool for personal branding on the part of a professional. Whatever is your intention for building a blog, it is imperative to have enough traffic. With the right approach, increasing your blog’s traffic is an achievable goal that anyone can do.

So which of these strategies have you used so far?

Do you have other tricks that you do to boost your site’s traffic?

Author: James Hughes

Hi my name is James Hughes, I’m a professional internet business consultant and digital entrepreneur.

I have been working online for over 5 years now where I help individuals and businesses build online systems that increase their revenue, drive more traffic and capture more leads.

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About The Author

James Hughes

Hi my name is James Hughes, I’m a professional internet business consultant and digital entrepreneur. I have been working online for over 5 years now where I help individuals and businesses build online systems that increase their revenue, drive more traffic and capture more leads.

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  • Mary Angela

    Reply Reply February 23, 2016

    Loved reading this post. Definitely neat and concise. I just started using Analytics today after nearly 6 months of having my blog. I only started sharing via Social Media two months ago, and it made a HUGE difference! Thank you for sharing these tips! Seriously helpful.


    • James Hughes

      Reply Reply February 23, 2016

      Hi Mary, thanks for your kind comment!

      Social Media makes a huge difference.

      Have you tried FB ads?



  • Kait

    Reply Reply February 23, 2016

    Thank you for your great advice! I still have a lot to learn but this is very helpful!!

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