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Living life in our own terms remained a dream for many individuals. Regardless if you are a young and ambitious professional, or a family man who wants extra cash for his family, most of us dream of living a successful life.

But before you think of getting a stable job in an office, it is important to first look at the big picture. Getting a nine-to-five job, building a conventional career may not sound like your ticket to freedom.  In reality, here’s when you get stuck and commit to a company for years and years.

One thing is for sure, if you want to have the freedom to travel, see the world and have as much time as you want, it is imperative that you think differently. You may argue that not everyone has a savvy business ideas. Or not everyone is born like Bill Gates or  Mark Zuckerberg. This shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Living life to the fullest is actually simpler than you think! All you need to do is to think outside the box. Let’s take a closer look at a group of people who made it all possible.

Lifestyle by My Own Design is a group of professional affiliate marketing experts and digital business consultants who figured out what it takes to have the freedom that everyone wants to have.

How do they do it?

Using the World Wide Web, they made it possible to create multiple streams of income mainly using affiliate marketing as their primary tool. For those with zero knowledge how this works, here’s how it works.

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn extra cash without spending money on the business side of things. You don’t have to worry about product development, advertisement or manpower. Instead, an affiliate marketer earns commissions by referring a customer to a company.

How do you do become an affiliate marketer? Using banners to get visitors to the company’s website, an affiliate marketer advertises for the company. Using this means of passive income, Lifestyle By My Own Design members have experienced financial freedom most people are missing out on.

Aside from affiliate marketing, they also perform digital business consultation. Here, business owners have the opportunity to learn the latest digital marketing strategies used by other firms that have solid online presence.

Can I also do it?

Is this something you can also do? Definitely, yes. But before you quit your day job, keep in mind that this endeavor takes a lot of effort and research.

You need to know a bit about every skill necessary in online marketing, and among those include blogging, SEO, WordPress, social media and email marketing.

What if you are a novice in affiliate marketing and online marketing in general? Here’s when professional help enters. Lifestyle By My Own Design offers consultation services to individuals who wish to also build an alternate source of income using affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

Online marketing tools for affiliate marketing

It might look intimidating to fully understand the technical side of online marketing. But in reality, it is not really as hard as it looks. The World Wide Web has been simplified these days that even those with no formal training could easily make the most of the internet. Here are some online marketing essentials simplified to help you understand what you need to accomplish.


Copywriting is a valuable skill that you need to learn. In fact, informative content is seen as a valuable commodity online. High quality content can potentially become viral on social media. More so, this can even be used to beat the competition in terms of SEO.

What makes a good copywriter? A good copywriter knows exactly what type of content to produce in a given situation. A good copywriter has the ability not only to provide highly informative content, but to also catch a reader’s attention. As an aspiring online marketer, keep in mind that content plays a major role in affiliate marketing. It helps in convincing readers to purchase an item especially if you have established a good reputation because of your content. And of course, an effective copywriter should also be capable of creating a particular voice that fits that matches the site’s branding.

Today, there are also editing tools that you can use. Grammarly is an incredible tool which you can utilize in order to proofread your work.

Social media

Social media is a valuable marketing tool that gives you the power to tap unexplored markets. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just some of the most useful social media platforms you’ll need to be familiar with in order to become successful in online marketing.

With billions of social media accounts, not to mention users dependent on different platforms not only to interact, but to also check relevant products and services, this shows how important social media is especially for marketers.

In order to effectively capture your audience in social media, it is important to utilize every platform’s fullest capacities. For Facebook, it is important not only to promote the published content via your page, but also on specific interest groups.

Also, gone are the days when you can just rely on organic reach. Today, it is just as important to use paid reach in social media.

Email marketing

You might be thinking that email marketing is already obsolete. In reality, email marketing has been able to survive as an online marketing strategy for years now.

These days, there are billions of email accounts worldwide. This makes it a great opportunity to be noticed by your market. According to experts, an effective email marketing campaign could effectively nurture leads. This could then be used to effectively initiate an affiliate marketing campaign.


WordPress is more than just for blogging. It is among the most popular CMS tools that can do wonders to your goals as an online marketer. Not only is WordPress free, it is also flexible and easy to learn. Here, you can manipulate your website even if you don’t have any technical know-how in coding. This CMS is also easy to manage giving you full control in the entire process. You could simply download plug-ins in order to add functionalities to your website.


Knowing a bit of SEO makes a huge difference on your affiliate marketing campaign’s results. Since 8 out of 10 users simply stay on the first search result page, it is imperative these days to rank on relevant keywords used by your audience.

The sad news is that Google’s algorithm constantly changes. In the past, backlinks were enough to get a site to rank decently on the first page of search result pages. But these days, content is becoming the most common reason why a site gets ranked. Also, the latest Google’s algorithm also judges the social relevance of a particular page by looking at the number of times that it has been shared on social media.

Video Marketing

Another effective online marketing skill that comes in handy in indirectly selling products is video marketing.

If you’ll look at the statistics, there’s an estimated 1 billion YouTube users in 2014. Its 2014 revenue has also reached $4 billion thanks to advertisements. Given these numbers, it goes to show how important video marketing is especially today.

By combining both text and visuals, you get a higher chance of influencing your target market. And of course, by creating videos with relevant messages, you can get easily get the attention of visitors on your website.

Photo editing

Another skill in affiliate marketing that will come in handy is a knowledge in photo editing. Do you have to spend on expensive photo editing software? In reality, you don’t have to. Open source options are available including GIMP. If you feel that this option is still a bit too technical for you, there’s that can even simplify photo editing and graphic design requirements.

Affiliate marketing and building a successful lifestyle business

Now that we know the things that Lifestyle By My Own Design members do, it’s time to discuss the necessary steps that you need to do in order to maximize your commission from affiliate marketing.

  1. Target your audience

First step in becoming a successful affiliate marketer according to Lifestyle by My Own Design is to first know who your market is. In order to perform target advertising the right way, it is crucial that you first know who your readers are. Know the demographic, interests and the profile of people who will most likely go to your website.

Why is this an important part of affiliate marketing? Without knowing who your market is, you end up selling the wrong products that have no interest to your visitors.

  1. Lead generation

Now that you have an idea who your target is, the next move is to generate traffic into your site. This process can be done using different methods from social media marketing to email marketing. From having an engaging social media page, to getting emails, these are just some of the most commonly used strategies in lead generation.

  1. Building and nurturing your list

Once you already have your own email list, it’s time to perform email marketing. Members of Lifestyle by My Own Design and other affiliate marketers make use of auto-responder software to easily manage their email list. Here, you can offer freebies, reading materials and even discount codes to catch their attention and make them your regular visitor.

  1. Create valuable content

Every aspiring internet marketer should keep in mind that online content is the number one reason why your visitors go to your site. Without providing valuable content, don’t expect to get a constant influx of organic visitors, and shares online.

Content works as a game changer for bloggers, companies and for anyone who makes a living from the World Wide Web. According to studies, high quality content providers are seen as reputable in their niche.

  1. Promote quality products

If you are providing quality content, might as well choose quality products. High quality products with high demand remain the most logical option especially for marketers that have the intention of getting a decent amount of commission.

Is it risky?

At this point, you may now have an idea just how to earn money online using the strategies utilized by guys from Lifestyle by My Own Design.  At this point, there are two possible scenarios. You are either sold by the idea that it makes perfect sense to create a stream of income online, or you are already asking questions.

Is affiliate marketing risky? This might be the number one question running through your mind right now. Let’s be honest. Anything that you do that produces income involves some type of risk. But can this risk be tolerated by most people? Affiliate marketing is a conservative approach in generating income.

What are the risks involved? You have to realize that it involves time. If it doesn’t pan out for you for whatever reason, then that’s something you couldn’t gain back anymore. In terms of investment, you’ll most likely invest on a website. How much does a website cost these days anyway? You could buy a readily available theme via Theme Forest for less than $50!

Aside from the website, you also have to consider the fact that there’s a chance that you might be hiring another person to do the job for you. This is especially true for those who are doing affiliate marketing only as a part-time gig.

How to be like them?

It is possible to achieve what members of Lifestyle by My Own Design have achieved. In fact, the only thing that you’ll need to have is an open mind. To some, these concepts may even sound unorthodox and unreal. But in reality, affiliate marketing is an easy concept to understand and implement.

Given the changing technology, it is now possible for you to build streams of income even without risking huge amount of money.  Next, you also don’t have to quit your job, especially during the initial phase of your program. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to build visitors and followers the organic way.

What Lifestyle by My Own Design offers is a simplified guide on how you can at least have an alternate source of income. Is it a sure way to give you freedom? In reality, results vary.

Here are some things that you can do in order to fully master the system brought by Lifestyle by My Own Design.

Learn one concept at a time

It is important for you to take it one step at a time. This is especially true if you are starting from scratch. With zero background in internet marketing, you have to be patient in learning the ins and outs of the entire concept of affiliate marketing.

Take the time to figure out the technical aspect

You have to accept the fact that the technical aspect of online marketing may take some time to fully understand. Also, some of the skills you need to acquire also take some time to develop, thus you may even need to hire other freelancers to cover some of these functions initially. For instance, copywriting is a skill that can be developed in years of writing different types of content.

No one-size-fits-all solution

Different markets react differently. Therefore, don’t expect to get the same results from other affiliate marketers out there. Keep in mind some strategies may also work differently in different times. Thus, you have to always be ready to adjust and implement the necessary changes.

Here’s when you need to also take note of your strategies. It is a good idea to take note of different things that you’ve utilized. Which ones are effective? A/B testing can give you an idea which approach is more suited for your needs.

Do a lot of research

Just like any other dream, you have to continue learning. Keep in mind that the World Wide Web is constantly changing, from algorithms to behaviors of online users. Knowing these changes gives you the opportunity to react properly without losing traffic, and potential sales from your visitors.

Stick to what you know best

So how exactly do you get to deliver quality content to your audience? In order to provide high quality content, you have to discuss topics comprehensively.

To deliver comprehensive content, you’ll need to have vast knowledge regarding a subject matter. For some, they stick to what they know best. This way, they make use of their very own expertise in generating effective content.

Aside from providing high quality discussions, you also build a reputation. And with your background, it is easier to gain the confidence of your readers to trust the information that you’ve provided.

And lastly, since you have sufficient knowledge regarding the topic, this gives you the ability to provide consistent content to your audience.


Having the liberty to travel and having passive source of income is a dream come true for many. What most people don’t know is that you can achieve this by maximizing what the World Wide Web offers.

By becoming an affiliate marketer, you can have a steady stream of income without risking a large capital outlay.  This makes it a perfect option for individuals looking for a way to earn money without spending so much time at work.

Are you planning to enter the world of affiliate marketing? What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Author: James Hughes

Hi my name is James Hughes, I’m a professional internet business consultant and digital entrepreneur.

I have been working online for over 5 years now where I help individuals and businesses build online systems that increase their revenue, drive more traffic and capture more leads.

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About The Author

James Hughes

Hi my name is James Hughes, I’m a professional internet business consultant and digital entrepreneur. I have been working online for over 5 years now where I help individuals and businesses build online systems that increase their revenue, drive more traffic and capture more leads.

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  • A very good indepth article James, I’m not hugely into affiliate marketing but purely because it’s not an income stream that has ever really appealed to me. But I can see that your article would be very valuable to someone starting out in that area.

    • James Hughes

      Reply Reply April 6, 2016

      Thanks Mike.

      Affiliate marketing is appealing for people that don’t have the knowledge or
      patience for creating their own product.

      It can be a quicker route but you can also mix and match.

      Affiliate marketing and marketing your own product.

  • thenext

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