5 Harsh Realities of Modern Online Marketing

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If you’ll look at the numbers, small to large corporations should learn how to use modern online marketing in order to survive in today’s time. Content marketing is said to have generated 3 times more leads in 2015 as traditional outbound marketing. This is the reason why 60% of a marketer’s time is dedicated towards online marketing.

Now that 71% of companies are looking to increase their digital marketing budget this year, what should brands expect? Brands should expect that modern online marketing also consists of harsh realities. There are harsh realities that could play a major role on how you approach the modern online marketing world.

End of organic reach on Facebook

With billions of users worldwide, not to mention the possibility of targeting your audience effectively, Facebook is a game changer for businesses of all sizes. In 2012, Facebook had an average organic reach of 16%. But today, we can say goodbye to the good old days.

Today, Facebook has slowly killed organic reach. Reaching your audience is far more difficult today than it was before. In 2014, even large brands have complained about their company’s Facebook reach. According to research, large brands only reached 2% of their followers.

If you wish to re-engage with your followers, it is a must that you consider integrating a paid ad strategy to your organic shares. Sponsored posts make a huge difference on your Facebook visibility.

Also, it is important to accept the reality that Facebook wants more money. What marketers can do is to find other means of contact with their audience. It is important to also make use of other social media platforms aside from Facebook in order to diversify your company’s reach.

You need to plan your content carefully

Yes, content is actually king. From your web content to the things that you share on your social media, it is imperative that you plan your content well.

Content marketing and management is getting the second largest budget in online marketing for a reason. In fact, marketers are spending $44 billion on content marketing today.

Content has the ability to send your message clearly to your audience, not to mention it is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing. It is also possible to rank on search engines when you have produced useful content with social significance to your audience.

So what exactly happens when you don’t plan your content? It is possible that you are not building your brand’s reputation. Also it is possible that your site doesn’t have a decent ranking on Google. These are worst case scenarios that every marketer wants to avoid at all cost.

It is rare to make a content go viral

It is safe to assume that not all posts will go viral, especially for small and medium sized brands. You’ll be lucky to have as many as five viral posts in a year. But what you have to realize is that this shouldn’t stop you from posting. Instead, you want to take note of the usual characteristics of posts that have gone viral.

For instance, long forms of content gets more shares than shorter posts. According to research, 3,000 to 10,000 word posts get more shares. And if you will look at the amount of short content written, there are 16 times more content with less than 500 words, than those content that have reached 2,000 word count.

You also need to realize that using only words to convey your message can be quite boring. Utilizing at least one image on your post can lead to more shares on Facebook. Also, let’s keep in mind that modern SEO favors content that have used multimedia such as photos and videos.

And of course, you need to evoke an emotion to your audience. Sadness, excitement, empathy, happiness, anger and even joy are some of the things that you need to evoke to your audience in order to make a particular content go viral.

You just can’t buy authentic engagement

Modern online marketing is a level playing field for businesses of all sizes. Having a larger digital marketing budget doesn’t necessarily give you an edge to your competition. You have to remember that creativity matters more than funds.

You can’t force people to share your post, and have a discussion on the comment section. You need to make use of the right voice, not to mention build authenticity within your niche if you wish to be part of drive engagement on your posts.

You may have heard of hover board brand Uwheels. This company generated $1.2 million in sales on the company’s first month alone. Their strategy was to make use of influencers.  However, they didn’t pay their influencers. Instead, they exchanged their product for promotion. And because it was a cool product, influencers were more than willing to have this particular product for free.

Likes don’t mean so much

As Facebook’s algorithm progressed through the years, likes have devalued significantly. Let’s not be delusional to think that likes translate to sales. You have to understand that in today’s modern online marketing world, likes don’t really mean much anymore.  And why is this so?

Let’s say that you’ve paid for a campaign on Facebook. Now, you will notice a number of likes on your post. These likes may come in bulk, and you’ll be surprised that these likes came from fake accounts. It’s been a problem on Facebook’s part to get rid of click farms. Click farms create fake accounts and like sponsored posts in order to make their activity look authentic.  This means that you are paying for likes that aren’t even your potential customers.


The modern online marketing world is rapidly changing. It is a marketer’s responsibility to adapt in order to stay relevant in their niche. Despite these changes, online marketing, as a whole, is still an effective method that could help promote your brand efficiently.

Why is it imperative to know these modern realities in online marketing? Being aware of these harsh realities can help you build your brand, wasting little resources and reaching your goal effectively.

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Author: Paul Haynes

Hi I’m Paul Haynes and I’m both an Offline and Online Entrepreneur, Professional Affiliate Marketer and Personal Business Coach. I have been working online now for almost 2 years where I simply leverage systems and tools that are readily available to anyone who desires the laptop lifestyle.

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About The Author

Paul Haynes

Hi I'm Paul Haynes and I'm both an Offline and Online Entrepreneur, Professional Affiliate Marketer and Personal Business Coach. I have been working online now for almost 2 years where I simply leverage systems and tools that are readily available to anyone who desires the laptop lifestyle.

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