5 Online Marketing Tricks On How to Catch Your Audience Effectively

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Online marketing is the most efficient solution to many entrepreneurs. It is considered as an equalizer for many small start-ups and medium sized enterprises against large brands.

But not all online marketing tricks work. There are those strategies that fail to catch the attention of your audience. And once this happens, even paid ads can’t do so much. Here are five effective tricks that you can implement on your digital marketing campaign that can make a huge difference.

Know the interest of your audience

It is important to know who you are selling to. It is important to know their profile. How exactly do they behave? What kinds of social media accounts do they usually use? Keep in mind that different niches have different agendas.

If you are selling to a young crowd, for instance, they might be more interested about discounts than quality of products. If this is the case, then might as well focus on providing coupon codes every now and then.

Establish a recognizable voice

A recognizable online voice is a usual characteristic of a brand that has a strong following. If you plan on building a unique voice for your company, it is important to have a solid branding. The last thing that companies want is to re-brand. Not only are you going to introduce a new logo, but you even integrate a new personality for your company. And part of the things developed during branding is the type of online voice that you use.

A casual voice is usually a great option. But of course, it isn’t always the best option to go for. There are instances when your voice needs to be formal.

Use effective headlines

A common problem in the online world is a fleeting attention span. With tremendous amount of information, people can’t seem to focus. According to advertising legend David Ogilvy, there are five times more people reading the headlines than the content itself.

In fact, it’s the headlines that make blogs viral. People tend to share blogs because the heading caught their attention.

What makes an effective headline? Headlines should trigger an emotion. Emotional Value Headline Analyzer is a tool that comes in handy in this scenario.  Here, you’ll be able to determine how your headline compares with other headlines out there.

You can also make use of different formats that can give your headline a different angle. And once you have composed a headline, always make sure to do split testing to determine which one works better than the other.

Invest on photography/videos

Visual content plays an important role in capturing an audience. Both photography and videos are just some of the most common examples of this. According to studies, colored visuals increase the willingness of a person to read the content by as much as 80%. This is why professional photographers and videographers could come in handy in today’s time.

With the help of photos and videos, you can easily make use of storytelling strategies that can get your market’s attention.

Another asset that you can use is infographs. Infographs simplify information into one image that can easily be digested by readers. When used correctly, this could help shape your market’s opinion on certain things.

Use digital influencers

Consumer decisions are based on so many factors. Recommendations by people they know or people they look up to can affect buying decisions. One of the newest online marketing strategies used by different companies is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing basically makes use of online celebrities to promote a product or service.

It becomes the most common alternative for small brands that can’t pay for celebrities to endorse their products and services.

Influencers range from Instagram users to bloggers. As an entrepreneur you should be able to pick the right one that suits your market. The number of followers shouldn’t be the only thing to take into consideration. You have to consider the actual number of people who would buy your products or services once the influencer promotes your brand.


It isn’t easy to get likes, shares and turn every post viral. You first need to catch the attention of your audience in order to do this. The tricky part is that there could be different reactions that you can get. When running an online marketing campaign, make sure to try different approaches. This way, you can get the best results.

Author: James Hughes

Hi my name is James Hughes, I’m a professional internet business consultant and digital entrepreneur.

I have been working online for over 5 years now where I help individuals and businesses build online systems that increase their revenue, drive more traffic and capture more leads.

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About The Author

James Hughes

Hi my name is James Hughes, I’m a professional internet business consultant and digital entrepreneur. I have been working online for over 5 years now where I help individuals and businesses build online systems that increase their revenue, drive more traffic and capture more leads.

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  • Peter Beckenham

    Reply Reply June 18, 2016

    Hi James,

    This is a really good coverage of how to catch the attention of your audience.

    And that raises the key question. Who really is your target audience and not just what are their interests but more, what are their pain points, their challenges and problems?

    Once you have these clarified then writing relevant specific blog posts that show understanding, empathy and a solution to a specific problem of your target audience, will absolutely get you all the attention you need.

    Many thanks for sharing your expertise James

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


  • thenext

    Reply Reply June 29, 2016

    good way to Catch Your Audience Effectively

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